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Are not all Blue Angel equal?

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My boss has an i-mate PDA2K and the screen has started bleeding. This is quite amusing as he always puts it in it's case when out and about and I just chuck mine in my jacket pocket.

As the machine came via Africa, we are not sure if it still under warranty, so I said, never mind, HTC-Europe will fix it… for a fee.

So I called, got an answering machine, left a message and about an hour later I got a call back.

It seams that HTC-Europe can’t repair an i-mate as it uses a different motherboard and I need to contact a company called SPB.

I called SBP, followed the instruction and after ten minutes of bip-bip every 10 seconds I gave up… I’ll try again tomorrow.

This is the first time I have heard anything about different motherboards, anybody have any information on this. I know components like motherboards my get revised during their production life but not normally so much that they are that different, or is it just who has the contract for repairs in the UK

Any thoughts anybody? No rush :)

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It's not the boards as such that's the issue it's the LCD's. There are 3 types, a Sony made unit and a 2 Toppolly made units and sony units are not interchangable with toppoly.

There are, as far as I know, only 2 board revisions and some units ( eg the m2000 blueangel ) can be either board.

HTC are just covering themselves as they only have the support contracts for t-mobile and orange devices under warranty, and if they were to break your board they may not be able to source a replacement. They used to be quite helpful but I think after a few issues with non-contracted repairs they are just watching out for themselves...a shame, as of all the repair agents they are the cheapest for out of warranty repairs, approx £120 for a blueangel LCD inc fitting.

I-mate in the UK are repaired through SBE who I have found through experience to be useless! Get a firm quote before agreeing to anything with them. There are other agents who do repairs but they are third party agents and may use salvage parts from other devices. If you want to get a screen only and fit it yourself they are around £100 plus shipping and taxes direct from Taipei.


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