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problem after update

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one friend of mine updated my beloved mpx200 and now wm2003 is running. But I have a big problem. Every 4 seconds I receive a news-sms and I have to pay for that. I never subscribed for such service and I don't know how to disable this "feature". Please help me... I am afraid of switching on my phone because these service-sms are very expensive.

(sorry for my bad english)

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wow.. now I have another problem. My phone is always connected (I mean, there is this big G all the time). How can i disconnect? Please help


Somewhere in programs menu you should find your phone company's menu, and you should unsubscribe there, although I never heard of an every 4 seconds subscription.

As for the big G, if it is in the top center, and not on the right above the antenna symbol, you are not connected, it just shows that there is a GPRS signal. Only if is near the antenna symbol you are connected. You disconnect the same way you end a call - the red button om the right.

And have a look here, 2nd page of this forum, I think,


From all you can read on this forum, the best thing anyway would be to return to 2002...

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