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Weird stuff my i300 does

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Hi Guys

Just thought I would start a thread to see if it is just me or if anyone else out there has some weird and wonderful things happening with their phones!

Mine seems to have this weird fault of when I use the extended battery, it will keep resetting anything up to about 10x but when I use the standard battery it will boot and load straight away.

Also does anyone have any problems when using predictive texting, that it just stops for a while and then everything is alright again? I have this even when there is nothing else loaded into memory at the time!


Phill ](*,)

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I have yet to use the bigger battery.. sounds like I have more fun in store!

I find the software regularly freezes for 2 or 3 seconds, even when I'm just browsing through menus.

I also got an incredibly strange thing happen to me yesterday.

I had been listening to some mp3's earlier, then went to make a call. The call seemed to play over the loudspeaker, but the recepiant couldnt hear me. After hanging up the phone was buzzing from the loudspeaker and it wouldnt play any sound files whatsoever.

The person I had run rang me back, and after answering the call, again I could hear them through the loudspeaker but they couldnt hear me.

Again I hung up and the phone refused to play any sounds but the loudspeaker was still buzzing. I switched off and on again and its been fine since.


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