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Popup Select today text size

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Firstly, thanks for such a great app. Unbelievably configurable and free to boot!

A couple of quick questions if you don't mind. Firstly, the dumbest... what is the purpose of the "sync" icon to the right of the today entry in "Popup Select" mode?

Secondly, a possible bug, also in "Popup Select" selection mode, the text size displayed in the today screen entry does not change with the rest of the entries. For example, changing to the smallest text in "Start -> Settings -> System -> Screen -> Text Size"

does not affect the size of text displayed for PPCProfiles Pro.

I did see another thread highlighting the issue but it appears it not reproduceable. Maybe someone could confirm it happening on their device too and it's not just mine.

I'm using version 3.00a

Thanks again for a great application.


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