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external Voicemail icon disapeared

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Hi everyone,

Been a while since I posted on here, been busy with school and work and trying to start up a business so you know how it is. I got a problem with one of my MPX200's lately. My voicemail icon on the external screen will not show up. I have another MPX200 and it always worked fine on there with windows mobile 2002, this phone has 2003 and for some reason the vm icon just doesnt show up on the external screen. inside it shows up fine. Sorry if this issue has been tackled but I tried to search for an answer and couldn't find anything on it. maybe a registry fix? All other icons work fine missed call icon shows up fine battery icon is fine just not the dang voicemail icon.

anyone got a solution?


p.s. if theres a solution already posted on the forums please redirect me :-)

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I'm not sure I have seen this problem before and it may have been introduced with the 2003 varient you are using.

There is a chance their may be a tweak to the registry to enable/disable.

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