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Album Art in media player

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I would like my album art to be displayed when listening to mp3's (on the samsung media player) i've just spend all day filling the 3gigHDD and creating playlists.

I've ticked the 'album art' box but nothing happens, just the picture of the cd.

My mp3's are in quite a mess. with loads of .jpgs in each folder...

Do i have to orinize the album art? ie. front.jpg file names only?

if so, is there a format i should use? ie max file size / .bmp or .jpg / filename etc


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the only thing you need is to have the different album art pictures in seperate folders and the pictures need to be called folder.jpg at any dimension size as the phone resizes them

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:evil: i'm stuggleing to do it....

i think i'm doing it correctly, my mp3s are stored in

mobile device - smartphone - HDD - My Items - My Sounds, then all my albums are in there

ie. Eagles

So i find the .jpg i want and rename it 'folder.jpg' (not Eagles.jpg)

and thats it? I play tracks from that folder but still no image.

Can someone try it and see if the same happends? I spent ages copying mp3s and creating playlists, i don't fancy doing it all again just to add album art.


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