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Rom upfates wont work

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hi all, im a bit stuffed i think but ill ask anyway.

i was messing about a while ago with different rom updates, i then tried to use imei-check to unlock my phone, i didnt notice the bit that said you have to pay, i was in a rush.

now all i get is "unlock code? you have entered 5 times, please wait............."

so i thought id try update the rom with the uk one.

NOPE!!! wont work, incorrect image for your phone!

iv tried every rom update i can find but none are compatible.

the update thats on now is smart amazing phone or something, iv lost the origional link i found this update on and it was a while back now anyway.

so my question is this, is there a way to completely erase the bootloader image etc so i can do a complete install. i.e format, clean install?

ive already gone into bootloader and erased everything / hard reset but its still no use.

i cant use my phone!!!!!!!!

please help??!



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quote "Hey SkoobIce here's one for yah!!!

I've got a Smart Phone (locked to Smart Network here in the Philippines) it has a bootloader ver. 1.09 and ROM (from smart net) 1.7 . . .

Here's the question . . .

I want to SIM unlock my phone . . .

There is a new spvunlock2 . . . so do I still need to downgrade my bootloader or I can use the new spvunlock2 to get the unlock code?

and where can I get a ROM to sim unlock this phone? "quote

this is the same software as mine (phillipines smart) that i cant get rid of.

anybody know how to go back to uk orange please?

iv searched and searched this forum with no luck!

many thanks

from man with light up paper weight

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The SIM unlock message should only appear if you put a another networks SIM in your device.

What device do you actually have? as the 1.7 ROM is for the Canary (SPV, SAP etc) device and not the Voyager (E200)

You mention in this thread that you have "a Smart Phone (locked to Smart Network here in the Philippines)"

but in another thread you say you want to revert back to Orange?

SMART ROMs are designed to SIM lock phones to the SMART network and these are the only ROMs that can relock a phone.

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hi, thanks for the reply.

i have an orange spv e200. i have managed to get it off the smart rom and back to the newest orange rom i could find, or something after a lot of trawling through this great forum.

however, i used the imei check software a few months ago and its saying the phone is locked and iv tryed to unlock it 5 times using the wrong code. my fault i supose as i didnt read the instructions correctly in my haste!!

i really really dont want to have to go back to imei-check and pay them £20 for taking off the block that they thought would be funny to put on my phone in the first place just because a new person to the spv was a little hastey and dare i say foolish!!

so is there anyway of taking that lock off? im not bothered about removing the sim lock (which is what i set out to do in the first place by messing about with various roms etc) i just want to be able to use my e200 again??!

many thanks

man still with paper weight ha ha

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There have only been two methods to SIM unlock your phone, one is a teporary solution which is free but for a perminant method the imei-check system is the only one that works (apart from trying to get the code from Orange).

All I can suggest is to contact imei-check and explain what you did and see if they can help.

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