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Lose wifi until Router rebooted

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I think this is a router problem, but thought I'd post here just in case it's not.

My M2000 see's my home network, but fails to connect. If I reboot the router the M2000 connects and works fine until I leave the wireless network (i.e. I leave the house). When I return it fails to connect even though it see's the network until I reboot the router.

Both the router and M2000 have been reset back to completely clean install.

The router is a SafeCom SWBRU 54108, and has been a trusty old soul for 2 years. I run MAC control and also WEP on the router, but have tried it completely unsecure, and get the same problem. All wired PC's work perfectly; infact even better than normal since the complete overhaul I've done trying to sort this problem !

I have been unable to try any other wireless PC as yet.

Anyone had this problem with the M2000? Could it be the M2000 simply dropping the connection for some reason? It's almost like it is failing to obtain a valid IP address. Is there any way of know why it is seeing the network but not connecting?

Thanks in advance.


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You can check the IP via vxUtil. I take it restarting the phone never fixes the problem? Without that happening, I suspect the router may be faulty or have some strange exotic setting switched on.

I'd do some tests on another wireless network if you can; pinpointing the source of the problem (router or phone) is always the first step.

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Thanks chaps. I have now confirmed it's the router. The thing has even started "singing" now ! A sort of high pitch wizzing noise. Oh well, off to ebuyer for a new router then...

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