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MDA Compact (not II) - No GPRS

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Afternoon all,

I have a T-Mobile branded MDA Compact running their latest firmware. All has been well and syncing my email without problems untill about 48 hours ago when I couldnt connect to the internet (general.t-mobile.uk)

I don't even have the "G" icon in the top bar, just 2 arrows and a cross (as if its in flight mode)

I havent changed anything whatsoever in the last couple of days so can't see any reason why its stopped

Any forcing of manually connecting fails too. Wondering if there is a problem on T-Mobiles network regarding GPRS or if my phone is on the blink. I don't really want to hard reset/reflash it again obviously... but its not out the question

Point is.. why did it stop all of a sudden?

Any clues? :??:

Kind regards


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Ok, scrap that.. I've sorted it ;)

Turns out the Wifi Card (Safecom) was playing silly b*ggers..

I removed the file \Windows\IPN2128.DLL (its hidden, used Resco File Explorer)

Rebooted and voila... GPRS back...

Hope that might help someone in the future...


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