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MDA Compact II availability?

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Anyone waiting on their order of a MDA Compact II from T-Mobile in the UK?

Ordered this week only find they are out of stock, now it appears that it has been removed off their site altogether. ;)

I wouldn't imagine its been discontinued as its a fairly up to date device, unless of course its due to be replaced by the HTC Prophet

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I ordered a MDA Compact II with Co-Pilot from Onestopphoneshop about a month ago.

I'm still waiting for them to come into stock - kept being told 5 more days etc etc....

Turns out that CarPhoneWarehouse is getting 100 in during the next month - of which 50 are being allocated to Onestopphoneshop (one of its subsidaries..).... so hopefully I should get it soon...

But this is with Co-Pilot.... they have been trying to get me to swap to just the Compact II as they have plenty in stock - but I won't as the deal was almost the same - 6months 99p line rental and the remaining 12 at

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You could try a T-Mobile shop. Sheffield branch had loads in stock last week and had the same deals as online.


Doh! How obvious. Thanks for the suggestion. I called my local store to find out they have one left in stock. Thankfully not in pink. Picking it up tomorrow ;)

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