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M2000\MDAIII - T-Mobile + Generic Rom

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Hello All

I have a T-Mobile MDA III, which is just like the M2000

It has T-Mobile branding and other tat.

Would it be worth me installing a generic ROM on my phone?

What would I stand to gain? Would it iron out some of the issues on my phone?

Do I risk doing any damage to it?

If it is possible does anybody have any links to ROMs for it?


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Hi Mikesel,

The rom you've got installed is by far the newest and best rom available for the HTC Blue Angel (MDA III). It features the latest build available of Windows Mobile 2003SE for the device, one of the newest and best radio stacks (build 1.13) and is certainly one of the most stable roms available.

You could change to an older rom. My advice? Don't.

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