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Dead S100 after a wild party

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I was going to take a picture with my Qtek S100 this friday, and suddenly the screen went white.. and then black. Then i tried to soft reset the device, for no good. I got the Qtek welcome (boot-up screen) and thats it.. Have tried to charge it, but there is a RED light where its supposed to be Green/Yellow. And the screen is now black.

Any ideas what i could do?

Cant get contact with it with Activesync, only the red light...

Maybe a hard reset? How do i do that?


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In some funny way I got it working again..

Dont actually know what was wrong.. but now its charging.. and all well ;)

Maybe the battery got empty, and the DC charger i used in my car didnt work on the mobile, only the GPS.


HTC is the party phone :P

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