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Did Orange release a new rom recently? I just got an Orange Care replacement for my old phone which had a hardware problem and I'm finding a lot of improvements.

Things I've noticed so far:

  • smtp can have it's own authentication details. This means you can probably use Gmail for all outgoing mail and it'll work from anywhere!
  • WiFi icons improved, show traffic.
  • WiFi stays active when on the cradle, even with pass thru. This is good for me as my home network is a little unusual.
  • Windows File Sharing now works with my Linux server! This might be due to the updated Total Commander I installed tho.
  • WMP 10. Nice, lot's of videos I had that were jerky before are smooth.

I had a look around and XDA devs have details on a ROM released in April. Here's the link to the Orange link: http://www.orange.co.uk/M2000_patch/

My versions are:

Device : PH20B

EXT Rom : 1.40.179

Radio : 1.06.02

CE : 1.40.00

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Thanks for pointing that out! i got a replacement yesterday and i hadn't noticed that it has WMP 10. Most of the other featured you mentioned i don't use but where have the wifi changes been made? i haven't noticed any.

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The icon on the title bar is different, at least it was to the one I originally had. Also it used to turn off wifi when you docked with activesync, this isn't happening on this rom as far as I can tell.

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