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What are the best settings you have found for the Charmer camera?

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impy78    0

Well, the title says it all really.

I've been fiddling around a bit, as I went to Ireland and took pictures that can only be described as "utter guff".

So far, the best setting i have found for indoors is:

Capture size: Scaled (which brings up 2m in the corner of screen, this got me all excited for a moment at least!)

Contrast: 3

Brightness: 122

Saturation: 3

Hue: 4

Gamma: 0

And I just have flicker correction as auto - tried messing with that, but it didn't make any difference.

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kaf    0

Most HTC cameras are utter rubbish.

The problem with this one is it doesn't seem to take the photo until about a second after you've pressed the button so I press the button and hold the camera in position a few seconds and I have been getting more improved pictures

Light needs to be good

I don't think the settings do much because I have changed them to be better and then the camera just seems to auto-adjust back to bad again

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