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Sim unlock MPX200 (real?!?)

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I've got this link from a friend, but I didnt tested it yet.

On the site there is an nice toturial but does this work or will this flash this phone to blank?

the link is http://www.rasoul.com/mpx200

I hope if this works.

(sorry about my bad english)


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i have used this tutorial, it worked perfect for me. but, one thing he doesnt mension on there. he says save it to c:\oldsim.raw to keep it simple. he doesnt say that u need to have the program file on the root c: drive. so if the app is in like c:\tools.... u would need to save the file to c:\tool....

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yes, it's real and yes it works, and no, I have not had anyone tell me they've fried their phone from doing it incorrectly... it's actually hard to do, because the only way to get down to the final steps before flashing is if the steps above it are correct, it's rather picky (hence the detailed instructions).

In response to xxcrashxx - i appreciate any extra details I may have forgot to mention in the instructions, I don't always have time to upload changes to the site and any extra help for people trying to use it is appreciated :)


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