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Incompatible LCDs?

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I just swapped LCDs between two units, but it stopped them both from working! :) One just shows a white screen, and the other shows nothing. They are both happy when they get their original parts back. Tried several times but always the same. :)

Is this related to the Sony/Toppoly thing? I don't actually know which sort these particular ones are, but I assume both sorts would work in any unit?

Note: I am swapping the entire front panel, which has other circuitry - is that the problem, and must I remove the actual LCDs, retaining each panel with its original unit?

Here are the two panels, so the backs of the LCDs can be seen:


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I've now found something that says Sony LCD fits board 0x5, and Toppoly LCD fits board 0x6.

Seems I've probably got one of each, and should have done my research before assuming I could swap these screens... :)

If the 0x5 and 0x6 is referring to the main board of the BA, I am out of luck. Where are these IDs 0x5 and 0x6 marked? I can't see them!

Thanks in advance for any info/suggestions... :)

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The screen on the left of your photo is a sony. The toppoly is on the right. Sony have a standardised structure for LCM part numbers - ABC123ABC - or in this case ACX502BMV. The digitiser ribbon is thinner. The part number sticker is smaller. That's how you recognise them if you haven't already googled the part number.

They are **NOT** interchangeable, regardless of what you try so don't be fooled into thinking you can 'get it working' as you will not.

You can recognise the board by the arrangement of componants around the LCM connector or you can boot a linux kernel on the BA ( when fully assembled) to get it's board id. Please do a google search for more info as whatever your question is, it's already been answered several times by someone else. There are better sites than this one to ask technical hardware questions.


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