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Does anyone know if the Universal supports AVRCP - the BT protocol which allows you to adjust volume and go back and forth through tracks and such using a BT headset?

I'm interested in the Jabra BT620s stereo headset (seriously close to buying a Universal now) and am wondering if the Universal supports the protocol to use the headset to control the music and such.



P.S. I know with the latest ROMs it now supports A2DP so this has now become important.

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AVCRP is built-in to the latest QTek ROM and works a treat for me :)

And even better, you now don't have to use the awful Windows Media Player to get AVCRP - I wrote a long email to the Pocket Player people, and they just got back to me with a fix to get AVCRP and A2DP working with their Pocket Player!

Works a treat.

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