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hello all,

whilst on a stressful phonecall, i've inadvertingly put my victorinox penknife pen, down the side of my spv m2000 where the stylus goes. now without dropping/smashing the unit and getting it out that way, does anyone have any idea how on earth i can remove the pen from the stylus holder ? the catch mechanism is holding it in place, although when i forcefully tap the unit on the table the pen does rattle around inside for a bit before settling itself down again. its just that the catch is stopping it from coming out.

thanks for any advice


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Apart from taking the phone apart either find some thin tweezers or

very carefully use someting like a cocktailstick (with a flat end) and a

very small dab of superglue on the end.

Glue would be a last ditch effort though.

Perhaps fluffcat1 has an idea as I'm sure he's worked on plenty of them.

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I did the same thing except with an actual stylus i bought off amazon. It was the wrong size and i couldn't get it out again!

I eventually managed to ease it up with a paper clip (i can't remember exactly how i did it. I think fluke played a pretty big part) and clamp onto it with a pair of scissors to tug it out. (I was in the office at the time, hence the simplistic toolkit)

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