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heeeeelp! how to use function: PostKeybdMessage

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BOOL PostKeybdMessage(

HWND hwnd,



UINT cCharacters,

UINT* pShiftStateBuffer,

UINT* pCharacterBuffer


what's meaning the param KEY_STATE_FLAGS ?

I type the "KeyShiftAnyShiftFlag" in eVC4, but ERROR:"C2065: 'KeyShiftAnyShiftFlag' : undeclared identifier"

and error: "'KEY_STATE_FLAGS' : undeclared identifier"

how value its?

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the function is for sending fake keypresses to a window

the KeyStateFlags is explained in the help files - basically this is to modify the keycode to say wether say the shift key is also down, or a ctrl key, or wether that key is coming up or going down

you are letting the window know everything about the current key message you are faking

to make sure that it compiles correctly, again as covered in the help files, make sure you are including "Winuser.h"

hope that helps

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