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LG KG800 Chocolate

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Hi Guys,

I know that the 'Chocolate' phone is not a smartphone but I wonder if any one can help me?

Having used smartphones for a few years now, I decided to treat myself to a new LG KG800 just because of its looks and sexy cool features.

It has the ability to connect to the p.c. but it opens up on the p.c. as a removable drive, giving access to a folder called 'My Media' and in turn there are five more folders entitled 'Music', 'Others', 'Text', 'Videos', and 'Photos'.

I have successfully transfered files to all of these folders after converting them to various suitable formats.

However, I have tried to transfer some Java Games to the folders but cannot open them up on the phone. There is no set folder to put the games into. The games files show up in the folders and I can send them via Bluetooth etc... but I cannot send them to my phone for obvious reasons ( I think ).

So it seems that the only way to get more games on my phone is to buy them and download them from an internet site.

Does anyone know of another way to do this??

Or can I send the Java Game files to another persons mobile via Bluetooth, and then they send them back to me giving me the option to install them??

Please help! I want to make this phone even cooler!


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