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MMS problems

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On my iMate JAM, I did a hard reset because it was getting slow and flakey. In addition to syncing with the PC, I used Sprite Backup to save my data. I only saved user data - basically my files. the user databases (phone logs, calendar, contacts) plus the messaging databases (SMS, MMS, email).

Everything is working fine, except that the MMS mesage store seems to be corrupted. When I go in there, I see a long list of items with no title and just the size "0K" on them. Clicking on them does nothing. When I try to remove them, they refuse to go, or sometimes disappear temporarily leaving me with the message count like "MMS: 0 messages, 5 unread" or other such nonsense.

Seems to me like the MMS storage is corrupted. I know I could do another hard reset and just restore files and sync from the PC, but I'd like to avoid that if I can.

How can I repair or delete or reset the MMS storage? How do I find the files' locations (if the storage is in a file)?

Thanks in advace!

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