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Direct 3d Mobile Sample

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At the MoDaCo summer event last weekend we had a presentation of how to get started writing software for Windows Mobile Devices.

The demonstration included slides of everything you meed to get up and running and lists of resources. This was followed by a live demo of Direct 3D Mobile in action. The demo was of a simple triangle that was animated and coloured.

David Goon was the chap from Microsoft that gave an excellent presentation, not taking himself too seriously and hapilly answering questions.

David has kindly provided the source code for his D3D sample and the powerpoint presentation he used.

Please note that the the source and info is provided as-is and is intended only as a demonstration sample, its somewhere to get you started.

Many thanks to David Goon!


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im really disappointed with the .net mobile 3d stuff. I set up a scene with a skybox and another textured quad in the center and i get 5fps on my SPV C600. I have seen other 3d games that are very much more complex and they run rather fast.

So, i am gonna begin re-writing my 3d engine in C++.

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