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Bluetooth GPS

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I have a GARMIN GPS10 Bluetooth GPS device, it's a great device and more than a match for the TOMTOM with the new QUE software (my girlfriends TOMTOM 910 always gives a few wrong turns), however I cannot get it to pair with my M5000. It works perfectly with my old M2000.

The M5000 locates the device and prompts for the code and after a couple of seconds of frantic activity on the GPS device,both the devices go their separate ways.

Garmin have advised that the process I'm following is correct, Orange Tech Support have no idea what the problem might be and washed their hands of the problem.

I've changed the Registry to show the GPS control panel in Settings/Connections but I can't get far enough to redirect the com ports.

It's getting very frustrating, and carrying both devices is getting a bit ofa pain. I would be eternally gratefull for any help

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