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Firstly before the moderators get all angry/deletey with out knowing the full facts, :)

I have been given by work, TomTom Navigator 5 (as I bought my own GPS receiver) as I was led to believe that it will work on the m5000.

They popped all the files on an SD card and told me it would install. Since it didn

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Firstly, TomTom works perfectly on the M5000, installed on mine without a hitch and has run faultlessly for 3 months now.

However I don't know if it works on the M500 as as each of this Pocket PC's do appear to be different in how they handle TomTom, my old M2000 use to run it fine but installing it was a nightmare and always had a issue when using bluetooth headset and bluetooth gps the gps would stop while the headset was in use, but like I say the M5000 is faultless.

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