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Tytn \ Hermes Audio Jack converter

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I've had my Tytn for a week or so now and am quite pleased. While I mainly use BT Stereo headset for music when I watch movies I find that the device cannot handle playing movies and pushing sound via bluetooth - staggers all over the place.

I went to try the supplied headset and although it is not too bad really wanted to use a decent set of phones but cannot find a converter for the jack. Has anyone managed to source one yet? I called HTC and they said that Expanysy were on the case but had nothing on the web site as yet.

By the way has anyone had issues with incorrect Contact name being displayed on incoming call - sometimes the incoming CLI numbers is throwing the incorrect contact name. Weird....

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Do you mean a headphone jack from a normal to a small socket? 3.5mm to a 2.5mm stereo jack? If you want one try maplin, I got one from them for about

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