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Replacement Case for Qtek S110 from HTC

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Hi All,

As I am lucky enough to be getting a TyTn next week, I am going to sell my Qtek S110 to fund all the nice new things I will need.

I love my S110, and looked after it for the year I had it. I put a screen protector on the second I received it, and it has not been dropped or anything like that. I even had it in one of those hard plastic clear cases. This is where the problem has arisen. For some reason the plastic case was not totally smooth on the inside, so it has worn away the paint on the S110 especially on the front. I know that even though this phone is in grade A condition, it does not look like it. I tried to use HTC's service site to get a price, but it was not working. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get a new case fitted? Would it be worth it? Also does anyone know how much I could get for a great condition 12 month old Qtek S110 on ebay?

thanks All..

Nick B

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