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MDA Pro: Phone/Radio drops at 70% battery

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First off, I have seen many threads on the MDA PRO (and all its variants) cutting out at high battery power levels and from what I can see there doesn't seem to be any concrete resolution. But here is my situation.

I bought a new sealed MDA Pro and immedialy flasshed to the latest T-Mobile rom. Thats where the problems began. I seem to be plagued by the MDA cutoff at 60-70% problem.

The way it manifests is the radion loses signal and cannot locate the carrier at or below 70%. At this stage a reset of the device and it reboots but as soon as you use the phone or wifi it crashes .. black screen.

As with others if I connect the USB cable and charge by PC or mains everything returns to normal. Not a very mobile solution!!

I have tried every variant of ROM out there and the problem remains. I have charged the battery for 16 hours etc etc. I have tried phone in Auto, GSM modes .. same problem

The only thing I haven't done yet is buy a new battery and hence my post.

Will the purchase of a new battery solve the problem? As with other threads it would seem this came along with the latest roms. Does flashing a ROM when the battery is less than fully charged cause problems?

On a final note, if after the radio loses signal it is turned off I have been able to run the device down to 20% running videos and MP3. Is this a probem with radio levels above1.09.00 (Just thinking out loud)

HELP: This device is perfect for my daily use and having purchased a less than mobile device I am now close to getting rid .. but I dont want to

Any advice greatly appreciated... expecially from those who have fixed the problem.

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