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Next phone up from M5000?

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Have had my M5000 for a year now and it's time for a change.

It's been an awesome phone, but sometimes just a little too big.

Loving the PocketPCs despite WM5 being a heap of junk in my opinion and one option would be to go back to something like my old SE P900 with a bit more oomph, have seen the SE P990i on O2.

I have seen the reviews of the M3100 and it looks pretty good, despite a bad resolution screen and poor processing power and ram compared to the m5000. Also the fiasco with the headphones kinda puts me off.

So, lads and ladies - what is the next step up?

All replies warmly welcomed,


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the SPV M3100 is highly recommended. It excels in that it does everything the M5000 does but in a more compact frame. 10/10

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