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a2dp on htc charmer

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My sincerest apologies if this has already been discussed, but I am at my wits end!

I have a HTC Charmer (actually its a T-Mobile MDA Compact 2) which I believe is running the latest Rom (version WWE).

Now, I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 which I want to stream stereo mp3's to from my MDA.

Problem is, When I pair the devices, I only get the Hands Free profile, NOT the Wireless Stereo Profile that I need.

I've even tried the MSI BluePlayer software, but when I finally get that to come close to working, it says that "the remote device does not support mp3" and "Rejected by Remote Device".

EDIT; Oh, I forgot to mention, I know that my headset definately does work, as I streamed mp3 from my PC via Motorola Bluetooth Dongle PC850 without any problem whatsoever.

Can anyone suggest anything that will prevent me from tearing out my already thinning hair?


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Confirmed! wireless for prez! :D

Huge txh for those guys who made it possible (and i don't think those on T-Mobile... :) )

I use it with a Motorola HT820 headset, but i tried with 3 programs(windows media player, coreplayer, pocketmusic) and more or less, all drop 1 or 2 second in the stream.

Someone know more about it?

I overclocked the stuff to 260Mhz, maybe a proc is weak for it, but nothing happend...


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