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HTC Excalibur; S620; Dash & Vista

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After getting my widescreen Dash (T-Mobile) the first thing I wanted to do was sync my Vista Media Center recorded television to my phone -- I mean, who wouldn't! ;-)

Anyways, it wouldn't load the Smartphone driver, only an 'odd' network driver. :-/

well, today looking around the Settings folder, I located an item under Communications, called, USB to PC.

This feature is activated by default and works well with ActiveSync (on XP), but not with Windows Vista.

You'll need to uncheck this box if you want the Smartphone driver to be loaded and thus, for the Mobile Device Center, Windows Media Player, Outlook, etc to see your phone.

Oh I nearly forgot. When the driver is loaded and the Mobile Device Center loads, it has a great image of the Dash (generic non-branded model).



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