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C550 continuosly hard booting

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My C550 is rebooting all the time. It just started after I attempted to load ewallet. The phone hung so I removed the batttery after about 5 minutes.

All I get now is the Orange logo

then the blue Windows Mobile screen fo ages

then cold boot config to 100% screen

then alert Screen 'please press OK to restart the device'

then back to the Orange logo

and round in circles.

Can abyone help? I've tried the pressing of the 2 soft keys followed by on/off

I'm lost,


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Have you tried taking your memory card out?

I finally got it by taking the SIM card out. Then I finally managed to press the soft keys along with the blxxdy on/off switch. My they are sensitive, but after the machine demanded a SIM it reset to factory. Shame as I've now got to reload all my goodies but it works!

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