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How to change homescreen?

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I put on the 3.51 ROM and it works GREAT!

But I need to erase the link onto the homescreen to the Chinese operator, how can I do it possible ?

Another question : does anybody know how to change fonts ?

Thnx a lot :)

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with ALL Asian ROMS it's impossible to change the fonts! However, the only time that the small fonts really piss me off are when typing an SMS (which I used frequently - and that's why I don't use Asian ROMS)!!

I recently found out someone who actually re-wrote the whole homescreen so as to eliminate those two Go-Tone links!! I think I found it on http://surrealnetworks.com/community/default.asp but I'm not 100% sure!! Have a look and let me know how it goes!! Worst case scenario - give me your email address and I'll mail it to you!!

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