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Dopod 595 wont video call, settings wont open

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I have the dopod 595, it has previously worked fine, i was able to video call correctly, but I tried video calling today, and it started a normal phone call.

I haven't tried to fix it yet, but have no idea what could have caused it, or what I should do to correct it.

The options for video calling will not even open at this point. nothing happens when i try!

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I was definately on a 3g network, and it showed a UMTS connection when browsing the web, I even tried setting it to a WCDMA network only. Yeh, tried restarting it. In the end I carried out a full hard reset, and it was sorted, works again now. But if it happens again, I have no more idea how to solve it except a reset, which is a bit annoying really.

Very odd it lost it in the first place though.

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