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Increase Camera Speed,possibly?

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All us owners of QTEK 8500 (and equivalent) are disappointed with the slow reaction of the Camera, but I thought this was well worth sharing

I've just tried SpeedBooster from http://www.teksoftco.com/index.php?section=speedbooster

Free Trial for 16 days

After installing SpeedBooster, I loaded the Camera, then opened SpeedBooster, cranked up the level for the Camera to "Time Critical", then pressed the Action button to load the Camera. Took a pciture and the reaction of the Camera appeared to be instant.

I'm at work at the moment, so perhaps my tests are inconclusive (or I'm completely naive), but if anyone else is willing to give it a try and see if their results are the same, go for it and report back.

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Checked the website, looks interesting and could be handy for satnav. Have you tried it on any other apps or come to any different conclusions? :)

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