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Replacement Keypad board for C550?

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Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the joystick on my C550 (It's not working in any direction but it is selecting) but it’s out of warranty. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement keypad board?

I've been on the HTC Europe site and it estimated 40+ quid!

I've also looked on EBAY for damaged phone for the part but they're also selling in the region of 40-50 quid.

Also I found this, (CLICK HERE)

I know it says SONY ERICSSON but it looks the same as the one in the C550 does anyone know if it is? How difficult would it be to fit if it is the right one?

Any help and info would be hugely appreciated.

Regards Carl

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Id say contact fluffcat1 as he has many many spairs for PPCs and Smartphone.

But he seems to have dissapeared?

Try emailing through ebay

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Personally i wouldnt fit a sony erricson joystick to a c550 because:

a) they may look the same but might not Be the same underneath

b ) Fitting joysticks is very VERY fiddley :) It's bad enough soldering a simple switch to a phone mainboard, let alone a joystick...

Best find a complete keypad circuit board.


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