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Mark Larson

Moto L6

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So I'm looking at this Motorola L6 and it looks very nice, a junior sibling to the L7 which i find hot as well - the iPod nano really helped in making thin electronics look nice.

The L6 is fairly cheap, stylish and has Bluetooth. I'm thinking of upgrading my girlfriend's phone with that. I would just like to get someone who has held both the L6 and the SLVR L7 to comment on the feel - how does the plastic feel compared to the metal parts of the L7?

I know every other phone has a plastic keypad, its just that this is the first Razr-style flat keypad Motorola has done in plastic.

Also, how is the rest of the phone? I was very disappointed to see that Motorola has taken a big step backwards with this phone's display - a 128x160 STN LCD simply does NOT belong in a 2006 phone!!

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It?s simple UGLY!!!!, but if it?s for your girlfrind it?s GREAT!!!! :)

I love this phone because it is blingable :D now we've done two of these phones for our client.

but this phone is not really popular yet. in Germany people would still go for Razr...


the owner of


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