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CTI Movil - Argentina

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I want to create this post, beacouse i didn?t find where to create it.

I have this company at Argentina, i have all the services likes sms, mms, WAP, internet, etc. It?s very nice, but has only 900, 1800 and 1900 band GSM.

With my Motorola MPX200 tri band i have some reception problem.


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Setup values for CTI carrier from Argentina, for use WAP, MMS, sms and csd:




APN: wap.ctimovil.com.ar

Usuario(user): ctigprs

Password: ctipgprs999

GPRS Activado (on) [O (or) off: No]

Gateway IP: [Es lo mismo que (is the same of)]

Puerto (gateway): 9201

Homepage: No es necesario, se conecta igual (not necesary, auto connect)


CSD N?mero (number): #770

Usuario (user): CTISD

Password (Contrase?a): CTIGPRS999

Velocidad (speed)(Bps): 9600

Tipo linea (line type): ISDN


Centro Servidor (primary center): +543200000001


APN: mms.ctimovil.com.ar

Tipo de servicio (kind of service): WAP

Gateway IP:

Puerto (port) : 9201

Usuario (user): ctimms

Password (Contrase?a): ctimms999

GPRS Activado (on) [O (or) off: No]

Any question, send me PM.

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