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Data Card deals .......

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ok so here is my dilemma, i use an N70 for calls with an spvm2000 for playing on the net whilst at work.

I am using at least 100mb per month of GPRS and the first month i hit a ?400 bill i nearly kealed over!

So the N70 contract is used purely or the GPRS 3G bundle giving me free browsing for 3 months, now that's just finished and i am facing huge bills again :)

Question is; do i take out a new contract every 3 months for the free browsing and just flog the phone or do i get a data card on a data tariff?

If I am going for the data card, has anyone got any tips where to get it from, as orange want ?100 for it on a ?45/mth tariff which seems a bit harsh to me!


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There are a load of people who did the Orange 3G datacard trial who kept their cards for free after the trial ended. I would assume there are a few of them who aren't actually using their cards anymore and may be interested in selling.

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