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I have a Motorola SLVR....and I like it! :)

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This is just a temporary phone. I screwed up and sold my QTEK 8500 thinking I'd win an auction for an SP5m...but I didnt win. Since I cant be phoneless...I bought a Moto SLVR as a temporary phone, knowing I will pass it off to a family member when I find the Smartphone that I want.

But it IS NICE. Thin. Beautiful design. And actually somewhat functional. Not a Smartphone. But beautiful none the less.

I saw a picture on Howard Forums of the Samsung i320 smartphone right next to the SLVR and they are virtually the same size....the Samsung is just a tiny bit wider. That WOULD be my next Smartphone but it isnt QUAD band and I need 850.

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Never seen one even, let alone used one.

I was surprised at how nice it was going back to a "dumbphone" (a Samsung D900 in my case).

They're (often) smaller, more responsive, easier to use as a phone (than a PPC PE).

Since I got mine I've only turned my PDA on three times. The only things I miss are OTA sync'ing of Contacts - for now I can live without everything else.

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Thinks I like about the SLVR:

- Thin beautiful design. The best candybar I've ever held.

- SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE. All settings are intuitive and easily accessable.

- Calendar is weak...but not far from the Smartphone's

- Cool skinable interface

- It seems like phone functions run seperately than programs keeping the phone/data part responsive even when using an application.

- Everything generally feels more integrated...ie. Camera, Messaging, Internet

- I didnt use the iTunes portion of the phone but the interface is almost identical and easy to use as an ipod.

- The Speaker phone is crystal clear and even plays music beautifully.

Things I dont like about the SLVR:

also read as, things I miss about Smartphones:

- Quicker/Better email, though not as much of a feel of integration as on the Motorola

- Better dialing interface

- Better Internet browser

- Better calender

- Better PC Synchronization

- Better organization of contacts.

- Larger application library, though not as large as PPCs (my biggest SP gripe)

- Tiny screen on SLVR, but well utilized...like QVGA screens better (of course)

Just to name a few.

The SLVR has a beautiful form factor and stylish design. It holds a microSD (came with a 512MB). Sync & charge via MicroUSB. The camera is only VGA, but takes beautiful photos and pretty good video. If they put a WM5 OS in this phone....I'd love it even more. Currently I'd just call it a pretty-smart phone. If you just need basic email, basic internet, and phone functions...this IS a VERY nice phone and my first non-smartphone choice thus far.

Even the PC interface of Motorola Phone Tools is the coolest. It puts an identical skin of your phone on the screen. You can make calls from the PC while connected...send text messages....and transfer files, and PIM information. Not based on functionality, but on interface only...this is MUCH cooler than ActiveSync and MS could learn from their design ideas in the department.

But I cant be without my Smartphone, and a new one is in the mail to me right now. :)

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I used to use the L7 when I worked for Orange as my demo phone, and I have to say, along with the V3x - there are 2 Motorola phones I actually like :)

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Another think that is great about the SLVR....the battery ROCKS.

So far, I believe it lasts WELL OVER TWO DAYS with a good amount of calls per day and checking email on my POP account every 15 minutes. As well as some minimal wap browsing.

Now why cant they get a Smartphone to do that?

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Because Smartphones are smart...that's why us humans have to sleep every day and errrr...some other animal can stay up for weeks....:)

Btw I wouldn't leave your SLVR in the sun, my mate did in Spain and it has started behaving very strangely lol..


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