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Samsung ZX-10 (Cingular)....Should I return it

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I haven't been able to find much info on this phone. Its been a general disappointment since I got it (last week). I'm going to return, but first I wanted to see if its maybe just a matter of updating the firmware/software, etc. Here are the problems.

-Battery life is less that 2 days (Standby)......Docs say 8-10 days. I'm replacing an old Samsung 427 that stayed charged for 10 days or so.

-No way to connect to my PC. The IR just doesn't work... Its supposed to play MP3's, but am I expected to download them all via MediaNet?

-Crappy reception....don't know how else to say it. Much worse at my house than the old x427. Sometimes the phone just seems to "hang". Incoming calls just go to vmail. After I "reboot", it will answer calls....strange.

Any input or advice on getting this phone to perform would be appreciated.


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