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I want to purchase or make an sd to microsd adapter...

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So I was looking for an sd to microsd adapter because I'm cheap and want to use my full size sd and sdio cards in my phone. I'd seen it done for memory stick to memory stick duo with a ribbon cable attatchment (http://www.i-hacked.com/content/view/146/62/). It'd be ugly, but it would allow me to use an sdio wifi card on my smartphone which only supports microsd. I couldn't find anything on it so I'm assuming nobody's tried it yet.

I'm researching the hardware part, and so far, from what I can tell from this article: http://www.camerahacker.com/Digital/Inside...D_Adapter.shtml

it looks as if the adapter doesn't do any translation, just relies on pin to pin contacts.

I also found a link to a technical pdf with the pinout for sd and microsd including ground, data in, data out, power etc. http://www.prllc.com/FlashFile.pdf

Has anyone here thought about this? Have any advice?

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