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SPL switches itself off

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My cute new phone sometimes switches itself off. for no apparent reason.

battery full, keypad locked.

I've posted a thread on expansys: http://www.expansys.com/ft.aspx?i=139937&a...ad=6&page=1

as I told them I tried soft and hard reseting the phone.

They suggested I return it, but I like it, even if it start annoying me, and it seems to be the only phone close to what I want.

Any advice?

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OK, found out why.

When the phone is rotated right, (volume bouttons facing up) a slight tap (very gentle) near the battery will turn the phone off.

The same happens when I leave the phone in my jacket pocket start running, or go over a nasty speed bump.

There must be something loose inside the phone or inside the battery. Could anyone try it, just to see if it is my phone or all SPLs?

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