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MDA Compact to XDA Mini, Conversion

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Hi folks,

A friend of mine is buying my old T-Mobile MDA Compact off me, he's on O2 PAYG and I'm looking to convert the phone to be as much like the O2 XDA equivelant as posible to avoid network issues.

Firstly, What is the O2 XDA equivelant of the MDA Compact officially known as? I've heard it's the XDA mini, but not sure.

1. Can I install/use an O2 XDA mini ROM (or updated one) to setup the phone for use on O2? I'm assuming the ROM is the only software differance between an XDA mini and MDA Compact.

2. Will this also change the radio stack, allowing the phone to accept an O2 sim card or will i need to apply a seperate unclock tool?

Where can I find O2 XDA mini ROMs? and if needed an unlock tool?

I'm hoping its as simple as just installing an O2 ROM but I'm preparing myself for the worst.

Any help and advice gratly appreciated,


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