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Cingular 3125 Extended Battery with Cover

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I have Qtek 8500, which comes with a 750 mA battery.

I found out that the Cingular version of the phone (which unfortunately won't be out in my country)

comes with a 1100 mA battery, and a slightly bulky cover, that, in my opinion, is a small trade off for a much bigger battery.

So, I ordered an extended battery and the cover from Expansys.

My questions are: how long does the cingular extended battery last?

And how long should the first charge be?

Thank you! :)

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it's not bad....i don't know what the 2125 had for a battery, but it seems about the same, i have charged my phone about three times and have had it over a week, so about every other day, but i am also using Bluetooth all the time, Active Sync stays synchronized to our exchange server 24/7 (instant emails), etc.....so it's pretty good

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