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O2 XDA Orbit - Processor

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I think this may have been asked before, but I thought I'd ask again now they've been out for a few weeks - Has anybody had any serious issues with the lack of processor power on the orbit ????

I'm not gonna be running anything too spectacular on it but have found myself grunting in annoyance as to how long my mates PPC seems to take to do stuff sometimes :D

Still cant make up my mind on whether to get the orbit or wait till january when the Zinc comes out on O2 (400Mhz compare to 200Mhz) :)

Ps I cant believe how much its changed around here ! I had an original spv a few years ago and practically lived on here for months. Good to be back after years in the symian wilderness (Really hope I've not got symian and symbian mixed up here :D ) Congrats Paul

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I suppose it depends what applications you are running, but for my use - Office stuff plus Tom Tom - it's absolutely fine. I read other reviews and no one seems to complain about the speed either.


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