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Mike Strock

SMT 5600 ringtones inaudible?

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I just got a used SMT5600, unlocked, for use with Cingular. The phone works great. I *love* the phone, actually.

But the ringtones are inaudible. They aren't LOUD, even when the ringer setting is set to LOUD. I can't even hear the ringtone when the phone rings, unless I have the phone right up to my ear. Even then, it's very difficult if not impossible to hear the ringtone.

If I am using a bluetooth headset, I hear a beep in my earpiece when the phone rings and that's great. But if the bluetooth is turned off and not on my head, I don't hear the phone ring.

Is this just me, am I doing something wrong, or ?

Thanks for any advice.

Mike Strock

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