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Hi all

I have a couple of issues.. and so I thought I'd bring them here! Please answer if you can.

Right, background story is that my phone was ultra low on battery and so I took the step of taking the battery off to stop it turning itself on and saying the battery was low (it makes its own problem worse?!). So I did that as I'd been taking the battery off quite a few times since losing the stylus and it would freeze and I couldn't reset any other way.

This time, it did a hard reset. A little scream.. but moved to find my back up files. I have set Activesync to backup everytime I cradle it, which is every day, and so thought that would be a quick fix. This is my first problem. The backup.stg file is not in the correct folder. I've searched my whole computer for *.stg and found nothing. Where would it have gone?! As recently as yesterday, I had cradled it and it had backed up. Any thoughts on that??

Secondly, I turned to the Back Up program. While I don't run this as often, due to my misplaced faith in Activesync, I found that my last backup was done in November. Not so bad.. so went to restore this. "Error restoring file". Great. I've worked out, via trying Partial restores, that it is something in the My Documents section of the back up.

Does anyone know where the server is that this backs up to? What the addy is? If I can download the raw file and use something like STGViewer to extract the needed data?

Please help!!

Thank you

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Right, dont really have time to answer all your questions...

But heres some suggestions.

Firstly use http://www.spritesoftware.com/ Sprite Backup to backup to your SD card.. You can set it to do this on a schedule or everytime the battery gets low.. Mine is set to midnight, each time I dock and when theres 20% of battery remaining..

You can restore the backup even on a hard reset device by running the file on the SD card..

Secondly, styluses can be purchased cheaply on ebay..

However you can use many many programs to do soft resets! Including SBP Softwares Plus (http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/pocketplus/?en)

So download that...

another tip, i got an extended life battery on ebay.. So I always have one on charge an just keep swapping them other. I also got an powered PDA Cradle for the car, and I have 2 power supplies for the phone, and two cradles..

The battery life on it's shocking, but once you tweak all the settings for best performance an use flight mode when the battery gets low an you cant charge it!

Anyway, if you have anymore problems please let me know :)


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Thanks for your reply. I have also learnt some of those suggestions you replied with during my use of the phone over the past year or so. Sprite sounds good, I will check that out for sure.

I have a car charger as I use it for TomTom navigation but only one cradle and now AC supply... but I was just sat here doing nothing, I pressed the on/off button and when I turned it back on, the thing hard reset again. I think the phone is at fault. I will be calling orange tomorrow.

but do you have any answers for the more pressing matter of accessing the backup files? Those are the most important things, phones can be replaced, extra precautions taken, but I would really like to get my hands on those backup files.


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Perhaps needs a new backup battery then, see this thread

Is it an activesync Backup you are trying to view?

On my activesync it defaults to backing up to C:\Documents and Settings\Laptop\Application Data\Microsoft\ActiveSync\Profiles\MikeSel_PDA\Backup.stg

So yours should be in you profiles folder somewhere..

You can get STGViewer Here

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I've checked the backup battery indicator and it says it is still 100% though of course that could mean nothing.. I will definitely be giving Orange a call over the next couple of days.

Regarding the backups I am trying to obtain:

1. The most recent would be an Activsync backup file. I know where it *should* be saved to but it isn't there! Every day it would say it was backing up, and when I actually need to get it, the file isn't there. I certainly didn't delete it, and Activesync knows the profile exists as it comes up as an option in the Restore feature but, of course, can't find the actual file as this has gone.

2. I have a backup from Nov 06 using the Back Up program which uses a remote server, I need details of this remote server so that I can try and get a hard copy of it and extract the data using that STG program. This is because there is something corrupt in the uploaded backup file that they have. It tries to restore many many files before finally failing (problem also that it doesnt just get as much as it can, the whole thing then fails). Any ideas where this remote server is? The Back Up program is a standard program on the SPV M2000.

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Sorry, but I have no idea what remote server you have backed up to..?..

How do you run the backup? What application do you use?

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