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Phonebook Transfer via Bluetooth (C550)

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Hi again chaps!

Finally sorted out the cd stereo that my dad got me for xmas. Its a Pioneer DEH-P55BT i think, and has lovely bluetooth connectivity and allows you to make calls and everything through the stereo, which is nice!

Anyhow, it all works fine. Im having a little trouble with the phonebook though. There is an option to transfer phonebook contents but i dont know how to do it.

WHat i can do is go into the menu, select contacts and then hit menu and transfer each one individually. Thats terribly long winded though and would take me at least an hour. So does anyone know of a way to transfer them all at once?

According to the manual, i think that the stereo can, with some phones, transfer automatically all of the contacts to the stereo,though it doesnt seem to want to do that!!!

Anyone have any ideas?

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Ive got one idea but I am seriously unsure weather it will work!

Ok it seems a standard format for contacts i .vcf so what you can do is sync all your contacts in outlook and export them all as .vcf files.

Then drag those files too your C550 and in smartexplorer (or a file explorer compatible with sending multiple files over bluetooth send all the vcf files at once and maybe that will work with your stereo?

Worth a shot, hope it helps


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