Installed Media Player 11 on PC and now I can't sync music

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matt900    0

So, I installed Windows Media Player 11 on my PC and when I went to sync my phone with some new music, I get this message: "Your device is using an outdated driver that is no longer supported by Windows Media Player." When I go to the Microsoft web help, it says, "Windows Media Player cannot sync with the portable device. The device firmware is not compatible with Windows Media Player 11." Has anyone seen this...or even better has anyone gotten this to work?

My phone is running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition with Media Player 9. Microsoft says to upgrade the firmware on the phone or rollback to Media Player 10 on the PC. Seeing how I just spent two days organizing all my songs, videos, playlists, etc. in Media Player 11, I hope I don't have to lose all this and go back to 10.



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Looby    1

Unless you can get a ROM upgrade with WMP 10 installed I think you are a little stuck :)

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genaldar    0

The latest asian roms (except 3.53, which is really 1.53) have wmp 10. I personally use 3.46 (there are instructions on switching it to english over at surrealnetwork, which you don't need to be a member to see). As for the rom iteself (and the offline updater) since I'm not sure if direct linking is allowed I'll just say search the smartphone forum over at, I know for a fact someone is hosting them and posted links in that forum.

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