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USb conection stopped working AGAIN

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managed to persuade orange to replace my handset last time and has been well since...

but now it has started doing it AGAIN.

at first it was just occasionally, and would work if i disconnected and reconnected. but now it wont work at all.

get the message "unrecognised USB device"

since i had everything all backed up with sprite, i thought i'd try a hard reset and restore to previous settings (of just a few days ago)

but now the device is application locked and wont run the sprite backup files. (sprite the program does not seem to be installed anymore)

firstly, how the hell do i get these backups to work? all the app unlock things i have found seem to need to be installed over activesync, or with a .exe from desktop (obviously can't do these as connection doesnt work) - is there a .cab anywhere i can copy onto my sd card?

secondly - what the hell is going on with my ppc that it keeps dropping the usb connection? (noone came up with an answer for this one last time - we assumbed was a fault with the usb port on it since it was damaged, but that hasn't happened this time)

anyone else out there had these problems and/or managed to resolve them?

am i doing something stupid?

this is so annoying. without connectivity to my pc this is effectively an expensive paperweight (and i have no phone)

please help me!

dr _nick

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for some reason, having gone out. recieved a couple of texts, installed sk tools via my sd card... it now works...

setting it all up again.

why could this be?

(suppose i should just be grateful is working...)


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